Frequently asked questions

The perfect trick: is enjoyable for anyone between the ages of 8-99, however for

children under the age of 12 parental permission is required to participate.

‘The Ring’: we do not recommend it for children under the age of 14, but if

somebody insists on playing parental permission is needed.

After arrival we inform you briefly about the play, and then the play lord escorts

the players to the room, where you will have 60 minutes to escape from the room

by solving interesting and exiting tasks. What is needed? Logic, skill, and team


No, you do not have to climb and scramble, each exercise is safe, without any risks

of accident.

You should wear comfortable clothes you can move around easily in.
Of course. The play lord is monitoring while you are playing, and if you need any

help, just indicate it, and he will help you immediately.

Our play takes 60 minutes, and before the play there is a 15-minute introduction.
Because of the 15-minute introduction, please be there minimum 15 minutes before

the beginning of the play.

It is forbidden to take any photos or to record any videos or sounds during the play.

But if we are permitted to take a photo about you, we can do that, and you can find

this photo on our social networking site a few days later.

In this area you have to pay for parking your car everywhere, so you can park here

according to the downtown rules. (You do not have to pay from 18.00/20.00 or at

the weekend.)

In case there is another group after your date, you will have less time for the play.

But please in any case inform us about your delay.

Our plays mainly have been created for the purpose of entertainment. We always

follow the play, and if you have any problems we can intervene immediately. Our

aim is not to provoke the climate of fear and claustrophobia, but to give you a 60-

minute adventure you will remember all your life.

No, you can pay only in cash at the location.
We planned our plays for 2-8 people. You can also participate in larger groups; however, the experience of the play can be reduced by that. For an additional person, a surcharge of 1500 HUF / person will be charged.
Perfect Trick-from the age of 8, but between the ages of 8-12 parental permission is needed.

The Ring: we recommend it from the age of 14, under the age of 14 parental permission is needed.

Great idea! You can order our gift vouchers online or personally, and we send it for

you by post, or you can also get it at the location. You can order from

If you want to cancel your reservation, you have to do it minimum 72 hours before

your appointment. You can cancel it in e-mail: ( or by

calling the following number: (06305060104)

If you liked the rooms so much, that you would like to operate one, do not hesitate

to contact us by mail or on phone.

It is very simple. Choose the room you want to visit from ‘Reservation’ menu. The

available dates are indicated in green, and you can choose the appropriate date from

these dates. Registration is not required. After filling in some basic data you are


For further information do not hesitate to contact us during our opening time. Our

staff is ready to inform you.

Telephone: 06305060104


The location: 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky köz 2.

Our high-quality and stylish rooms with various strands of logical thinking provide a perfect

possibility for team-building, where the team members can escape by cohesion and

communication. It is a really great opportunity to gain common experiences and hilarious

moments. Prior consultation is required in case of corporate team building with a larger number

of employees.

We also host hen-parties, stag nights and birthdays. In this case keeping the atmosphere and

structure of the rooms we flexibly change the tasks to be appropriate for the individual purposes.

The game is free for the celebrated persons. Prior consultation is required for these events.